Taking the Leap

Without leap year, this January 1, 2012, would have actually taken place on what we knew as September 14, 2011, and it would have been a balmy 70 degrees as leaves began to change color.

A year is supposed to be the amount of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun – or 365.25 days. Thanks to Pope Gregory XIII in 1580, our current Gregorian calendar of 365 is designed to keep us lined us with the seasons by adding in an additional day to every fourth year.

Unfortunately, this has also displaced an estimated four million people who share February 29 as their birthday and can thus only have a true birthday once every four years. For these individuals, this February marks one of the handful of times they can celebrate their birth on their actual birthday. Be sure to celebrate with your leap year friends, whether they are turning 25 or five.

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