Boost Your Immunity

We all know that washing our hands and taking vitamins can keep us from being sick. But here are five other little-known tips on boosting your immunity to prevent the wintertime chills:

MOVE: Aerobic exercise five days a week for 20 minutes reduces colds per year by nearly half, as well as boosts immune cells in the blood. For seniors, try Tai Chi three times a week.

SOCIALIZE (but stay home if you are already sick): Researchers say that having an active social life during the winter months makes it less likely for you to get sick in the first place.

WARM YOUR TOES: Your mom was right, cold and wet conditions on your feet can trigger the onset of cold symptoms. Cooling the feet causes constriction of the blood vessels in upper airways, which may reduce defenses against vexing viruses.

KEEP IT SPICY: Warm soups and spicy foods promote salivations and can lubricate and soothe the throat.

LAUGH: Laughter increases the number of your body cells that fight off infections. The more you have, the more they can help fight off colds and flue, including strains you've never been exposed to.

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