Christmas Advant Book & Activity - Day 11

Advent Day 11: I Like Winter and Gumdrop Trees and Garland DIY

Bella Dia Book and Activity Advent I Like Winter and gumdrop trees
 Book: I Like Winter by Lois Lenski
Activity: Gumdrop Trees & Garland
I like winter, I like snow.
I like icy winds that blow.
I like snowflakes, oh so light.
Making all the ground so white.
I find Lois Lenski's illustrations irresistably cute and her simple
rhyming text just adds to the charm. She was a prolific writer and
artist with over 90 children's books to her name; check here for a
listing of all of her books. Today's activity is an oldie but goodie! We
made a gumdrop tree it was so quick and easy for such an adorable
result. We also decided to make a garland. The needle gets a bit sticky
but it washes off clean. You can use a styrofoam wreath or ball too.

Bella Dia Book and Activity Advent gumdrop trees and garland DIY

Gumdrop Tree & Garland Tutorial

Bella Dia Book and Activity Advent gumdrop trees DIY
Gumdrop Tree Tutorial
small styrofoam tree
pointy round toothpicks
gumdrops (spice drops)

Step 1:
Break the toothpicks in half.
Step 2: Poke the broken end of the toothpick into the base of the
gumdrop, then, beginning at the bottom of the tree, poke the pointy
end of the toothpick into the stryofoam.
Step 3: Continue putting gumdrops into the tree - place tightly
together. When the tree is covered you're done.

Bella Dia Book and Activity Advent gumdrop garland DIY
Gumdrop Garland DIYSupplies:
heavy duty sewing thread
blunt needle
gumdrops (spice drops)

Step 1:
 Thread your needle. Double the thread and knot it at the end.
Step 2: Start stringing the gumdrops. It can get a bit heavy so make
small sections instead of one very long one. Wash the needle
when it gets too sticky.

via Bella Dia

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