Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 10

Advent Day 10: Santa Mouse and miniature tree garland

Bella Dia Santa Mouse book craft
Book: Santa Mouse by Michael Brown
Activity: Miniature Tree Garland
I include this book because it's one I remember from my childhood.
Vintage illustrations and cute rhyming text make this a fun read.
A little mouse without a name gives a gift to Santa and
makes a special friend.
Bella Dia Christmas book and craft advent mini tree garland DIY
Miniature Tree Garland Tutorial 
Today we are making a miniature garland to go on your miniature
tinsel tree
. There are several sizes on the template so you can make
garland to fit other trees too. For your tinsel tree, try adding beads
on the branches for ornaments, so cute!
• assorted paper such as wrapping paper or origami paper
glue stick
baker's twine or similar thin string
• scissors
• template
• optional cardstock for printing template
Bella Dia Christmas book and craft advent mini tree garland DIY supplies
Step 1: Print out the template, or make your own, on
cardstock and cut out.
Step 2: Trace the flag template on the paper and cut out 12 flags
(for the miniature tinsel tree use size 1 on the template).
Step 3: Fold each flag in half to make a crease.
Step 4: Cut a piece of twine about 11" long and place flags evenly
spaced apart along the twine.
Step 5: Place twine in the crease of the flag and glue flag halves
together encasing the twine.
Step 6: Finish glueing all the flags; knot the ends of your twine.
Step 7: Decorate your little tree and ooooh and ahhhh
at how cute it is!

via Bella Dia

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