Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 9

Advent Day 9: Night Tree and wild bird treats

Bella Dia Night Tree craft idea

Book: Night Tree by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Ted Rand
Activity: Wild Bird Treats

Night Tree is about a family that has a Christmas Eve tradition of going
into the woods and decorating a living tree with food for wild animals.
A wonderful combination of author and illustrator, this book is always a
favorite in our house. If you'd like to make additional wild bird treats
check here for some ideas.

Bella Dia wild bird treat garland DIY
Wild Bird Treat Garland Tutorial

• dried fruit such as apricots, apples, and cranberries
• peanuts in the shell
• fresh cranberries
• upholstery thread
• needle

Bella Dia wild bird treat garland DIY supplies

Step 1: Using a double strand of thread, string a peanut on
first and tie a knot around it at the end - this will keep the
other items from sliding off.

Bella Dia wild bird treat garland DIY how to

Step 2: Start adding the dried fruits, cranberries, and peanuts
to your garland until you are about 5" from the end.

Step 3: Finish with another peanut and a knot.

Step 4: Hang in your trees or some place that birds will visit and enjoy.

via Bella Dia

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