Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 16

Advent Day 16: A Pussycat's Christmas and A Rainbow Flyer Kitty Toy

A Pussycat's Christmas
Book: A Pussycat's Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown
Activity: Rainbow Flyer Kitty Toy

I love the illustrations in this book! Anne Mortimer really knows
her cats and captures their expressions perfectly. In A Pussycat's
we see Christmas and all its preparations through the
cat's eyes. You can see a preview of the book here. I hope the kitties
in your life enjoy this jingle toy. The needle needs some pushing
to get through the pompoms but otherwise it's a pretty easy
and simple project.
Rainbow Flyer Kitty Toy
Rainbow Flyer Kitty Toy Tutorial

1 yard round cord elastic
• small pieces of felt in rainbow colors
large eye needle that will accommodate the elastic
• 3 jingle bells
pompoms in rainbow colors to match felt

Step 1: Cut felt into long rectangles with pointy ends.

Step 2: Knot one end of the elastic and thread the other
through the needle.

Step 3: String on a jingle bell, then purple felt, purple pompom,
blue felt, blue pompom, etc. Put another jingle bell between
the green and yellow and then another one after the red pompom
and tie a knot around the bell.

Step 4: Tie a loop around the other end of the elastic to be able
to hang it on a door knob

Step 5: Have fun with your kitty!

via Bella Dia

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