Christmas Advent Book & Activity - Day 17

Advent Day 17: The Christmas Hat and white chocolate & peppermint spoons

Book: The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood and
illustrated by Maggie Kneen
Activity: White Chocolate & Peppermint Spoons

A little white owl is hard to see in the snowy winter time so his
mother makes him a bright red hat to wear. Now he's easy to
find in the snow, and the fox thinks so too! Beautiful illustrations
and embossed pages make this book especially pretty and the plot
is humorous and charming; there will be smiles all around after
reading this story. This book is a great jumping off place to
discuss how animals use camouflage to protect themselves.
Click here for arctic animals printouts and here for animals all
around the world and how they use camouflage.

Bella Dia white chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate spoons
White Chocolate & Peppermint Hot Chocolate Spoons

white chocolate candy melts or white chocolate chips
candy canes or peppermints
• plastic spoons
• wax paper
• for packaging: cellophane bags and ribbon

Bella Dia white chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate spoons ingredients

Step 1: Lay out the wax paper.

Step 2: Put peppermint candy in a baggy and crush with the back
of a spoon or rolling pin into nice little sprinkling size, then
put in a dish to use later.

Step 3: Melt chocolate according to directions on the package.

Step 4: Dip spoons into melted chocolate being sure to fill
the bowl of the spoon then place on the wax paper.

Bella Dia white chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate spoons DIY
Step 5: Sprinkle bits of the crushed peppermint on
the bowl of the spoon.

Step 6: Place spoons in refrigerator until hard.

Step 7: Use clear cellophane bags to wrap the spoons
and tie with a ribbon.

Step 8: To use, heat 6 - 8 ozs. of milk in a mug then stir with
your chocolate spoon until all the chocolate is melted.

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