Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 18

Advent Day 18: The Polar Express and magical miniature wonderglobes

Book: The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
Activity: Magical Miniature Wonderglobes

I imagine most of you are familiar with this book, if not the
movie. I'm a big admirer of Chris Van Allsburg's work so if you
haven't seen the book be sure to take a look at it and his
exquisite detailed drawings. His website is very cool and has a
lot of fun activities for kids. Click here to go to his postcard
page and send someone a postcard of The Polar Express.

Magical Miniature Wonderglobes

• glass bowl, cup, etc. that is easy to see through -
try the thrift store for a good, inexpensive selection
• cardboard from a box
• marking pen or pencil
• scissors
• miniature trees, animals, people, etc.
for decorating
• small mirror for lake if desired
glitter glue
• 2 silver chenille stems


Step 1: Trace the upper edge of the glass onto cardboard
and cut it out.


Step 2: Place cardboard circle on batting and cut around
the batting a little larger than the cardboard.

Step 3: Glue batting to cardboard circle.


Step 4: Arrange miniatures on batting as desired; snip batting
a little to get the object nestled in well.

Step 5: Glue objects onto the batting.

Step 6: Add glitter or glitter glue as desired to your scene.


Step 7: Twist two chenille stems together and glue
around edge of the cardboard circle.

Step 8: Make sure glass is very clean inside then put glue
on the rim, turn upside down and glue into place.

via Bella Dia

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