Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 23

Advent Day 23: Buying Mittens and felted wool mitten ornaments

Book: Buying Mittens by Nankichi Niimi (scroll down)
and illustrated by Ken Kuroi
Activity: Felted Wool Mitten Ornaments

Buying Mittens is such a precious story with gorgeous detailed
illustrations by Ken Kuroi that you will fall in love with it as soon as you
open it up. A mother fox sends her child into a town to buy mittens but
warns him to be aware of the humans. The author, Nankichi Niimi, is
considered the Hans Christian Andersen of Japan and has many stories
to his name; it's a tragedy that he died at only 29 years old.


Felted Wool Mitten Ornaments DIY

• felted wool sweaters: 3 coordinating prints
• cardstock if you want to print a pattern to trace, otherwise
print on regular copy paper
• pattern
embroidery floss to accent the felt
embroidery needle
• scissors
air soluble marker if you want to trace the cardstock pattern
• button that coordinates with felted wools


Step 1: Print the pattern. Print on cardstock if you want to trace the
pattern onto the felted wool or print on copy paper if you want
to pin the pattern onto the wool.

Step 2: Using your pattern, cut out 2 mitten pieces from your
main felt and 2 circle pieces - one from each coordinating wool.


Step 3: Stack the circle pieces on top of each other and put the button
in the center; stitch to the wrist area of one of the mitten pieces.

Step 4: Using a running, whip, or blanket stitch, stitch the
pair of mittens together.

Step 5: Make a loop with your embroidery floss in one of the upper
corners of the mitten to use as a hanging loop.


Simple, cute, and fun! these make great package decorations too!

via Bella Dia

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