Back to the Future Tag

Twenty years ago, I...

1. Attended Scott's baptism.
2. Stayed home from teaching to be with my baby boy.
3. Supported my husband as he trained to climb Mount Everest.

Ten years ago, I...

1. Went to Lithuania.
2. Got the car of my dreams.
3. Was using a PowerMac 5400 computer.

Five years ago, I...

1. Was finishing my masters degree.
2. Watched the loons on Lake Temiscaming.
3. Went to garage sales, every Saturday, with Julie.

Three years ago, I...

1. Went to my little brother's funeral.
2. Moved to a bigger classroom, after 16 years.
3. Went to Todd's graduation from Narine Corps boot camp.

One year ago, I...

1. Went to St. Eustatius in the Caribbean.
2. Was teaching in the classroom for the last time.
3. Was sending e-mails to the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission.

This year, I...

1. Lost 45 pounds.
2. Supervised new teachers.
3. Went to Jacob's blessing in Colorado.

Yesterday, I...

1. Watched Top Chef.
2. Marie and I ate dinner from Aupas, at school.
3. Kept Becky company while she finished a bulletin board.

Today, I...

1. Was home alone.
2. Got stuck in BYU graduation traffic.
3. Am missing my husband who is training in St. George.

Tomorrow, I will...

1. Watch Juno.
2. Workout with my trainer.
3. Go to the County Republican Convention.

In the next year, I may...

1. Get my teeth fixed.
2. Visit church historic sites.
3. Work on a reading endorsement.

I tag Leslie, Brittany, and whoever wants to...

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Chapman Family said...

I love this!!! Sorry I haven't done any of your tags. I don't know how you pass them on. . . HELP!!! : )

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