Choir Notes

In Praise of Mothers
From Music and The Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell

For more than 300 years, the people of England have celebrated Mothering Sunday. Originally a religious holiday, it was also a day when servants were allowed to miss work and spend time with their mothers.

In Ethiopia, a Mother's Day celebrations can last for two or three days. When the rainy season ends, sometime in October or November, children travel to visit their mothers and sing songs honoring their family and tribe.

People from Sweden to South Africa, and from Malaysia to Mexico, each in their own way, and at different times of the year, celebrate a day devoted to honoring mothers. All over the word Motherhood is love.

Mother is the one who encourages us to believe that dreams can come true, and who inspires us, in spite of our doubts and fears, to believe in ourselves, and do our best. When we succeed, she is the first to say, "I knew you could do it." A mother is a teammate, coach, and cheerleader.

Hers is the comforting hand that caresses our fevered brows. It is in her arms that we seek consolation when our hearts are breaking. She is the one who, long into the night, waits for our safe return. Her tender eyes brim with tears when we suffer, and when we are lost, she fills the heavens with prayers, pleading that we may be found.

Today, we honor all those who love and nurture and sacrifice in this way, whether or not they have been blessed with children of their own. Whenever we celebrate motherhood we celebrate all that is finest in the human spirit.

Today, we sing in praise of mothers. For, by so doing, we sing in praise of love.

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