Never Too Early or Late

Reduce health risks while maintaining wellness by...

1. Not smoking or chewing tobacco and avoiding second-hand smoke.
2. Maintaining a healthy body weight and getting regular physical activity.
3. Reducing consumption of high-fat, sugary, and highly processed foods and drinks.
4. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
5. Reducing consumption of meat that is cured or smoked.
6. Limiting your sun exposure.
7. Limiting alcohol consumption.
8. Always following protective guidelines and measures at work or when playing.
9. Protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.
10. Getting to know your family health history.
11. Performing skin, breast, and testicular self-exams.
12. Finding stress-reducing activities you enjoy such as meditation. yoga reading, or exercising.
13. Avoiding concussions.

1 comment:

brittany said...

i love this list, especially number 12...meditation, yoga, reading, and exercise. probably four of my favorite things ever!

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