sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: the everlasting priesthood

• the priesthood is everlasting and was given to adam before the world was formed.
• all the prophets who have held keys of the priesthood were instrumental in restoring the gospel in the latter days.

we need to make sure of what we are referring to when we speak of the priesthood:
• the priesthood as the power of god in a very broad sense.
• the priesthood as the actual holders of the priesthood.
• the priesthood as the authority of God to officiate in ordinances and to govern the church.

:: sunday school :: mosiah 7-11

seers know of the past and of the future. we can benefit from what they tell us. we have seers today: prophets first presidency . patriarchs the twelve apostles.

:: sacrament meeting ::
making good choices

we can make better choices when we understand the importance and sacred nature of our gift of agency and recognize that which will help or hinder us as we seek to use our agency wisely. because we can exercise our agency only when alternate choices are possible. there are considerable risks... the ability to make mistakes to transgress divine laws . to disobey
to sin
and to rebel... [spencer j. condie]

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